RemoteLock 5i-A WiFi Deadbolt Satin Nickel

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  • RemoteLock 5i-A WiFi Deadbolt Satin Nickel
  • RemoteLock 5i-A WiFi Deadbolt Satin Nickel
  • RemoteLock 5i-A WiFi Deadbolt Satin Nickel


Product Description:

  • WiFi enabled lock connects directly to existing routers
  • One-touch lock button to quickly lock door on the way out
  • Up to 1000 user codes or guest codes available to store in its memory
  • View access history in real time from online account
  • Add or delete users remotely
  • Remotely issue codes that can be used after the next heart beat update
  • Set scheduled access times for users (Eg. M-F, 9-5)
  • Choose between passage or storehouse mode
  • Set schedules to passage mode, or even lock or unlock door automatically at scheduled times
  • Set to privacy mode to temporarily disable all user codes
  • Lockout functionality (after 5 incorrect attempts)
  • Two emergency override keys included
  • Low Battery Warning
  • No bridge needed, works off standard WiFi networks
  • Integrates with the RemoteLock ACS cloud-based access control system
  • Works with Airbnb Host Assist Program

RemoteLock 5i is perfect for your vacation rental property, home or office use.  This robust WiFi enabled door lock allows users to lock or unlock doors remotely, know when people unlock your door, and even receive text alerts when codes are used. Issue new codes or delete codes from your computer or phone. Even give temporary codes to guests or office personnel.

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